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Dr. Ricky Ng
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2014 Annual Conference on Children, Women, and Social Studies
October 02-04, Hong Kong

[News] The tentative program has been released~
[News] The List of Best Paper Award Winners

Annual Conference on Children,
Women, and Social Studies(ACCAWS) offers the occasion for wide-ranging, interdisciplinary discussion covering both academia and research. ACCAWS 2013 will bring together experts and leaders from the academic and business world to consider some of the pressing issues scholars and academics are facing in an open forum; seeking to define questions, pursue answers, search for research synergies and more; to both reflect on the recent past, and look forward, to exchange ideas and findings, in the exciting environment of Hong Kong.

ACCAWS conferences have an intellectual hub for academic discussions for the colleagues in the areas of  Children, Women, and Social Studies, participants have found an excellent opportunity for presenting new researches, exchanging information and discussing current issues. We believe that our future conferences will improve further the development of knowledge in these fields. 

The tentative program of ACCAWS 2014 has been announced

The tentative agenda of ACCAWS 2014 has been released. Please notify your co-authors, review all of your information, and email to

If any changes that need to be made. We DO NOT ACCEPT any requests for modifying the author’s information after September 06, 2014. Thanks for your cooperation.

201410-Hong Kong Conference Program.pdf

[News] Travel Proposal

Flight proposal
 for participants from Taiwan 
In response to a large number of requests from Taiwan participants, the Flying Master Travel proposed cheaper ticket to HongKong. Detailed information can be found below. This is a non-profit service by the secretariat. If you have any questions, please contact the travel agent directly.

搭乘國泰航空,指定航班時間只要 NTD6,700 搭乘中華航空機票加住一晚會議飯店只要 NTD 8,800 數量有限,詳細資訊請詳閱以下PDF檔,或直接聯繫旅行社。


Flight and Hotel packages proposal for participants from China (Beijing) 
The Beijing China International Travel Service Ltd. proposed their tour plan to HongKong. Detailed information can be found below. This is a non-profit service by the secretariat. If you have any questions, please contact the travel agent directly.

搭乘港龍航空,搭配指定酒店,香港4日自由行 CNY 5,250起! 數量有限,詳細資訊請詳閱以下PDF檔,或直接聯繫旅行社。


Best Paper Award

Latest New

The ACCAWS 2014 Award Committee will select some of the accepted papers to receive the Best Paper Awards.The winner(s) will be announced and the certificate will be presented to them in the conference.
To be considered as an awardee, please refer to the followings:
1. Your submission must be a “paper”, abstract will not be considered.
2. You have to complete the registration process along with the payment before July 20, 2014.
Grasp the chance and submit your paper now; do not miss the opportunity!

Schedule of Best Paper Award

 Full Paper Submission/Registration Deadline
 July 20 →August 11
 Paper Reviewing Dates  July 21~August 30
 Award Announcement Date  The beginning of September
 Best Paper Award Presentation Date  October 3rd

>> View Eligibility Criteria and Recipients of the Best Paper Award

Special Room Rates for Conference Participants

 Room Types  Daily Room Rate (HKD)
 Superior Room 01/10/2014-----------950.00

*Buffet breakfast at privileged price $110 per person at designated venue (advance arrangement is a MUST).
*The above prices stated in Hong Kong dollars and subject to 10% service charge.

Reservation Link:

Click HERE to find more details....


Outstanding full papers of HKICSS 2014 will be recommended to the following HKICSS cooperated journals for possible publication:




 International Journal for Humanities & Social Sciences (IJHSS) Human and Social Science Research (HSSR)                                                                   

*Click here to

Keynote Speech

Dance with Me: Negotiating the Balance with International Partners in Higher Education

*The topic will discuss the development of international partnerships in higher education with special focuses on the trends and challenges of working with international partners from different social and cultural backgrounds.

Yalin Gorica

Professor, Early Childhood Education

Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies

Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Canada


Potential authors and listeners who are interested ACCAWS should note that the whole participation steps involve up to 7 steps, each of which should be carefully looked out.

Step 1. Grow interest
Glance over our website and find out your topic of interest in "
Call for Papers". Papers in the research disciplines across biological engineering and natural science are greatly welcomed.

Step 2. Register as a member

Each participants will need to register as a member.

Step 3. Submit your abstract/Paper
Authors would have to ensure that your paper has been submitted on our website before June. 15, 2014, for reviewing.
For details about our submission instruction, please refer to
 Guide for Submit Paper.pdf".

Step 4. Receive the acceptance or rejection letter

Authors will receive their acceptance letters on June.30, 2014.

Step 5. Final paper and registration deadline July .20,   2014.
Final papers for being included in the proceedings and audiences should complete the registration process no later than July. 20, 2014.

Step 6. Pay for registration fee in the case of acceptance
Authors who will present their brainchild at the conference, be it oral or poster, will have to pay 400 USD; whereas the fee for listeners will cost 250 USD. Payments can be made either through Paypal or your local bank. So long as your payment is successful, we will sent you the invitation letter.

Step 7. Participate in the conference
Either oral or poster presentation

Step 8. Publication Opportunities

Accepted and presented papers at the conference will be published by the ACCAWS in the official CD of proceedings.

Enquiry Email: 

Children & Women Studies
Population Problems.
Introduction to Child Psychology.
Children of Disrupted Families.
Family Relationships.
Child Development.
Women Writers.
Woman in History.
Sociology of Gender.
Sex Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective.
Primate Behavior.
Human Physical Growth and Development.
Literature of East-West Confrontation.
Male/Female Roles 
Child Development.
Adult-Child Relationships.  

Finance Engineering 
Stock Market 
Finance Management 
Risk Management

Macro Economy 
Micro Economy 
Agricultural Economy 
Ecological Economy 
Beauty Economy 
Labor and Population Economy 
Urban and Rural Economy 
International Economy 
Industry Economy 
Monetary Economy 
Real Estate Economy

Psychology and Counseling 
Adult and Continuing Education 
Health Promotion and Health Education 
Family Studies 
Civic Education and Leadership 
Special Education 
Information and Computer Education 
Library and Information Studies 
Rehabilitation Counseling 
Early Childhood Education 
E-Learning Technology 
Higher Education 
Lifelong Learning 
Teaching and Learning

Social Research , or Social Science
Social Policy and Social LegislationCaring or Research for the Elderly
Social Psychology
Family Research
Child Research
Online Society or Online Community
Ethic in Socie, t, y or Online Society
Globalization impacts
Technology or Criminology in Society or Online Society
Social Work in Modern Society

Communication Management
Language and Communication
Information Communication
Communication Arts
Education Connunication and Technology

Civil Law
Criminal Law
Public Law
Economic and Financial Law
Labor and Social Law

American Studies
African Studies
Asia Studies
European Studies
Religious Studies
Museum and Heritage

General Psychology 
Experimental Psychology
Sport Psychology
Psychological Psychology
Culture Psychology
Development Psychology
Educational Psychology
School Psychology
Miltary Psychology
Consumer Psychology
Psychology of Religion
Psychology of Law
Media Psychology
Health Psychology
Environmental Psychology
Personality and Social Psychology
Measurement and Statistics
Mental Diseases and Psychotherapy
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Consulting Psychology

<, /S, TRONG>Political Science
Public Administration and Policy
International Affairs and Strategic Studies
G, overnmental System and Practices
Politics and Ethics
International Relations
Political Economy
Elections and Voting Behavior
Reforming and Consolidated
History of western political thought
Western constitutional thought
American Politics Research
African Government and Politics
Asian Political and Economic Comparison
Government and Politics in Southeast Asia
Government and Politics in Middle East

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